Enabling agilists to lead with intention.

I help Agile practitioners and their teams get unstuck & get growing by targeted coaching and facilitation systems.

Hey, I am Anna. 

I am an Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant, founder and CEO of PrimeProjekt - helping companies transform how teams collaborate and how the work gets done to create value without delay.

I have 17 years of experience leading teams. I have helped 50+ companies, coached over 200 teams, and trained over 3000 individuals.

As a true humanist, I love working with people, helping to foster an "Agile mindset" and getting the most out of each team.

This is what I can help you with

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Ultimate Team Performance Toolkit

A compound collection of 30+ exercises and strategies to deal with team dysfunctions and measure and improve things from team dynamics and behaviors to team efficiency, predictability and productivity.


Build a solid team foundation for success: Understand your team's unique dynamics and set the stage for effective collaboration and data-driven decisions.


Evergreen course: 4h of self-paced learning and templates.


One month of free access to the Agile Accelerator Inner Circle to get support from a community of like-minded professionals.

Agile Accelerator Inner Circle: $50 per month instead of $120 after one month of free access.
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Agile Team Accelerator Program

Boost your team's awareness, intention, and impact by identifying hidden obstacles and turning them into a growth plan using our targeted coaching-facilitation system.


Elevate Your Team's Performance: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to guide, coach, and facilitate your team's growth.


✔ Evergreen course: 10 hours of self-paced learning and templates,
✔ 4 live group sessions to apply coaching and facilitation strategies from the program in practice,
✔ You'll receive assignments from each video section, which I will personally review and provide feedback on to ensure your learning is correct and on track.


Intentional Collaboration Canvas Mural template to help visualize, facilitate, and accelerate team progress,
Ultimate Team Performance Toolkit,
✔ Three months of free access to theAgile Accelerator Inner Circle.

Agile Accelerator Inner Circle: $50 per month instead of $120 after three months of free access.
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Intentional Leader

Enhance your skills, approach, strategies and growth paths through the support of the community and 1:1 coaching sessions.


Lead with Intention: Empower yourself with tailored coaching and mentorship to become an exceptional agile leader.


✔ Self-leadership: Assess your current state, create goals, and tailor solutions for individual growth.
✔ Leading Teams: Evaluate your teams, any possible dysfunctions and challenges, and map a strategy for resolving those. Create exercises and facilitation plans to increase your teams' intent and impact.
✔ Leading Organizations: Evaluate your company state across the structure, product, process, metrics, and people, set success criteria, and design solutions for long-lasting change.


I am offering two packages: 30-day & 90-day packages. This is NOT me putting you in a group and making you watch many videos. This is you and me 1-on-1, getting things done, building it out together.

✔ We'll have intensive work sessions for three consecutive days, followed by weekly 1.5-hour live sessions to refine your goals and craft a solution plan together.
✔ We will work strictly towards the set goals and expectations, inspect and adapt.
✔ I will work with you until we get the desired plan in place. 


Agile Team Accelerator Program,
Intentional Collaboration Canvas to help visualize, facilitate, and accelerate team progress,
Ultimate Team Performance Toolkit,
✔ Six months of free access to the Agile Accelerator Inner Circle.

Agile Accelerator Inner Circle: $50 per month instead of $120 after six months of free access.

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Or let's chat on LinkedIn.  I love helping other agilists, and learning from each other. That's why I share my experience daily on LinkedIn.

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