Agile Accelerator Inner Circle

This is my mastermind where I help agilists with their challenges and unlock new ways to help them perform better. These are live group sessions held once in two weeks. 

Enjoy a FREE 90-day access period. No charges will be incurred until the trial period concludes. You can cancel anytime.

What Are We REALLY Doing Here?

Everything we do in the Agile Accelerator Inner Circle is about Agile Teams.

Agile Team = a cross-functional group of 5-11 individuals who define, build, test, and deliver an increment of value in a short time box.

Accelerator = someone who can help any team communicate better and improve performance using different leadership, coaching and facilitation skills, exercises and approaches.

Many of you will be at different parts in your journey, so your roadmap may be different from other members.

Some are starting out… others are working with storming, norming teams looking to resolve challenges faster… and others are working with performing teams looking to grow.

BUT… we are all on a mission to help our teams increase performance and become Accelerators where we can make more impact, in less time, and have more fun doing it.

There are 3 main pillars we’ll be focusing on in the Inner Circle

  • Your Team current state and challenges
  • Your plan for improvement
  • Your evaluation and learnings

What to expect during these bi-weekly calls?

We’re just getting started and I know you’re at different stages of your journey.
I’ll be keeping an eye on you and what you’re working on so I can bring wisdom/insight/strategy/tactics to these calls that help all of you. I’ll get better at this over time as I learn more about what you’re working on.

Structure of the calls:

  • Start with wins from the week (emotional, actions, or results)
  • Review of a specific topic from the Agile Team Coaching Program which I’ll refer to as the “Recharge”
  • Lean coffee - to discuss our real life challenges, brainstorm and find optimal solutions in a simple and enjoyable way
  • Cook & Taste - anyone who wants to try out their facilitation strategies in a safe place before going to the team, can take the turn, and we taste it all together.
  • New recipes - I present new ways, techniques, exercises, strategies to power up our tool set.
  • Reflection - we evaluate and observe our path so far: our wins, our failures, our learning and things to do next.
  • End with Q&A (ask anything specific to your situation and we’ll jam)

Today’s Recharge: on the topic of agile team coaching… here are the first questions that I ask the teams and management when joining a new team.

Analyze the company’s context
Agile Worksheet

25 questions the Scrum Masters should ask
the team and the management

How do you think the product discovery process is working?
How do you think the product roadmap is doing?
How are requirements gathered, structured, and prioritized?
Who are the user personas?
What does value mean to the team?

Who are the stakeholders?
What are our technological and technical capabilities?
What does “done” mean to you?
Why does the team exist?
How does the team create value for the customer?

What are some key roles and their responsibilities?
What are the team’s goals?
What are the events held?
What are the processes and practices used?
How do the teams collaborate with business?
How does management communicate with the team?
How much support does management give to teams?
How much autonomy/empowerment do the teams have?
What is the inter-team communication level?

How often can the team release?
How are the releases/delivery organized?
How transparent is the end-to-end delivery process?
How does the team deal with changes, blockers, and dependencies?

How do you evaluate the team’s performance?
What are the key metrics, and how are they gathered?
How do you evaluate team health?
How does the team share knowledge and grow?
What are your main concerns?
What are your main assumptions?
Meet the instructor
Patrick Jones - Course author

Anna Zakoyan

Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant Anna is the founder and CEO of PrimeProjekt - helping companies to transform how teams collaborate and how the work gets done to create value with no delay.

Anna has 17 years of experience in leading teams, and has worked with companies such as SGS Digicomply, Krisp, Ucraft, HSBC, Ameriabank, and Joomag.

She has has helped 50+ companies, coached more than 200 teams, trained more than 3000 individuals.
The companies below have entrusted me to lead their agile team transformation and the results were promising.
“As agile organizations, teams and team members, we must constantly question what could be better in order to continually improve.”
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